How We Charge

No Win, No Fee

In cases where we consider your claim to have reasonable prospects of success, we will agree to act on your behalf on a “No Win, No Fee” basis.

“No win, no fee” means that if you do not achieve a successful outcome in your claim, you will not be required to pay us anything for professional fees or disbursements (ie outlays).  Disbursements are those expenses that we pay for during the course of your claim.

We will not recommend that you proceed with a claim unless we are confident that your claim is going to succeed.

How much does the firm charge?

Our fees are extremely competitive and we do not charge for many items that other firms do. This is how we compare:

Others Our Firm
Hourly rate Up to $700 or more $495.00 – $520.00 (depending on which lawyer you have)
Uplift fee* Up to 25% (on top of their assessed professional fees) Nil
Cap on professional fees Apply the 50/50 rule 30% maximum cap applied (although our fees are often much less than 30%)
Paying disbursements upfront (ie expenses, like medical reports and records) Some firms require you to pay for these yourself upfront We pay for any disbursements and are then reimbursed for these out of your settlement monies
Disbursement funding (ie disbursements paid by an external provider, for a fee) Up to 65% (added on to normal disbursement cost) Nil. We do not use litigation lending or disbursement funding providers
Postage, photocopying, telephone, petties, incidentals Up to $2,000 or more Nil

* an uplift fee of up to 25% is an additional fee charged by some law firms, on top of their professional fees, to compensate them for the fact that their fees are being deferred until the successful conclusion of your claim and to factor in the risk that the claim may not succeed at all or they may not otherwise be paid for their time. We do not charge any uplift fee at all.

Other Important Considerations in Choosing a Lawyer

How experienced is my lawyer?

This question can be more important than the hourly rate for fees because a very experienced compensation lawyer will often recover a much higher compensation award for you than an average compensation lawyer. An experienced compensation lawyer will also be more efficient in the conduct of your claim, knowing what evidence is required to get you the best outcome. So, even if you pay a higher hourly rate than you would to a less experienced or qualified lawyer, it is well worth it as you end up with more in your hand at the end of the day.

At East Coast Lawyers, we only have highly experienced, expert compensation lawyers. The Directors of our firm, Sean and Helen, are both Accredited Specialists in their field. The other lawyers in our firm are also very experienced and highly respected, with each one of them having at least twenty (20) years’ experience in compensation law.

The expertise of our lawyers means that our clients receive fantastic settlements every single time.

Does the firm care about what happens to me?

Our firm understands that this claim and the compensation that you receive from it can make an enormous difference to your life.  We care about you and what happens to you in the future. As a result, we fight hard to ensure that our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation possible and that they are charged extremely fair fees.

Our firm’s policy is for our clients to always receive the lion’s share of any settlement. To make sure of this, we ensure that our clients receive much more in their hand than what we receive by way of professional fees.

We are proud of the 4.9 star rating that google has allocated to our firm as a result of the dozens of positive reviews that we have received.  These google reviews show how appreciative our clients are of the work that we do and we are confident that you too will be extremely happy with the work we do for you.

During your free initial consultation, we will:

*East Coast Lawyers is led by Accredited Specialists; Sean Delpopolo, Helen Ashton.

Our Promise To You:

*Strict time limits apply when making a claim. Do not delay.

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Managing Director

Sean Delpopolo

Sean Delpopolo

Sean is an expert in compensation claims and has been recognised in his field as a Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist.

He has been running compensation claims in Queensland for over 25 years and specialises in work related claims, motor vehicle claims, public liability claims and total and permanent disability claims. He has been voted by his peers to be one of the best compensation lawyers in Queensland.*

Sean started the firm in 2004 and it has gone from strength to strength on the background of outstanding service, incredible results and charging really fair fees.

With an innate sense of fairness and justice, this motivates Sean and his team to do everything they can to ensure that the results they achieve for their clients is something that they can all be proud of. In Sean’s mind, the interests of the firm’s clients come first, before anything else, and this value has flowed on through to the entire team.

As a father of two daughters, Sean understands that his clients’ compensation claims can make a huge difference to their lives and the lives of those around them. This is why he has made it his life’s work to fight for the “little guy” to assist them with obtaining the compensation they deserve.


Helen Ashton

Helen Ashton

Helen Ashton is an experienced and skilled lawyer who fights every day to achieve what is right for her clients.

As an accredited specialist, having been awarded the highest achiever award for the course in 2015, Helen has a high level of knowledge and technical expertise.

Admitted as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2001, Helen has extensive experience in running all types of claims.

Helen has a friendly and approachable personality and strives to ensure that her clients are kept well informed and are provided with quality and practical legal advice.

As a mother of three young children, Helen understands the impact events can have on a family unit and works proactively to achieve the right result for her clients in the shortest possible timeframe.

Helen has the ability and the experience to assist clients’ with a wide variety of claims, including claims with a high level of complexity and those that have had catastrophic consequences.

Special Counsel

Barry Mcgee

Barry has always loved a spirited debate, and, with over 20 years specialising exclusively in litigation, his passion, skill, and ability to assist his clients is well known throughout the Queensland profession.

Barry’s legal career began in his native Scotland, where he qualified as a Solicitor in 1998. Upon qualifying, he worked for a boutique practice, and then a top-tier national firm, representing a number of different insurers across a variety of industries. With years of working for insurers under his belt, Barry is able to see matters through the eyes of his legal opponents. Forewarned is forearmed, as they say!

He was admitted to practice by the Supreme Court of Queensland in 2007. In Australia, he commenced working for a large national firm, where he spent 15 years. He was made a Partner of the firm in 2011 and spent 11 years as the firm’s dedicated in-house Special Counsel. As Special Counsel, Barry provided expert advocacy and strategical advice and assistance to the qualified lawyers and clients of the firm alike.

Barry has significant and extensive experience across a wide variety of claims. He is compassionate, personable and straightforward, with a keen sense of what is fair and just, and a reputation for not settling for anything less than his client deserves.

Outside of work he enjoys surfing, the outdoors, music and spending time with his wife and 3 young children.

Special Counsel

Nickelle Morris

Nickelle has been practising exclusively in compensation litigation for over 20 years. She has extensive experience in catastrophic claims and fatality claims across all practice areas.

Nickelle prides herself on being a technical, yet practical and compassionate lawyer. Nickelle takes her time to understand her client’s situations and to ensure that they have an understanding of their rights and entitlements. Nickelle is a tenacious and passionate advocate for her clients and is dedicated in being proactive in ensuring client’s needs are met and achieving the best outcome for clients.

Nickelle was a finalist in the Special Counsel of the Year for Australian Law Awards in 2019.

Outside of work, Nickelle is a mother of two children and is a member on a number of committees both within the legal industry and community.

Special Counsel

Charlotte Evans

Charlotte has practised solely in compensation litigation for over 20 years.

She is committed to fighting for the rights of plaintiffs and helping her clients through the legal maze, to achieve outcomes that put people back in control of their lives. She has had experience in taking a number of matters to Trial and winning hard fought cases for her clients and she does not shy away from a challenge.

Charlotte has a friendly and approachable personality and strives to cut through the legal jargon to make the process understandable for her clients whilst ensuring that her clients are also kept well informed throughout their claim.

Out of the office Charlotte is a busy Mum, who now enjoys the privileges of living in beautiful Queensland and making the most of all it has to offer.