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    Free Instant Case Review

      Workplace Compensation

      Have you or someone you know suffered an injury in the workplace?

      Motor Vehicle Accidents

      Have you or someone you know been injured in a car, motorcycle or truck accident?

      TPD Claims

      If you’ve been injured at work, you may have a compensation claim under your superannuation policy.

      No Win No Fee Injury Lawyers

      Accredited Specialists in motor vehicle accidents, workers compensation claims & public liability

      East Coast Injury Lawyers is a Law Firm specialising in all aspects of personal injury law. Strict time limits apply when making a claim. Do not delay.

      We have injury law firm offices in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Southport, Logan and Beenleigh (visited).

      We service all of Queensland and we will pay upfront for our regional clients’ travel expenses to consult with our doctors and attend any settlement conferences which will take place in the Brisbane region. If you are too injured to attend our offices, we can arrange visits with our lawyers to see you in your home or hospital.

      During a free consulatation, we will:

      Listen to the facts of your matter, answer any questions you have about the law and evaluate the circumstances of your case.

      Advise you as to whether you have a claim and the likelihood of receiving compensation. It is important that you do not evaluate the validity of your claim on your own. Always seek legal advice from work injury, motor vehicle accident or personal injury lawyers as to whether you have a case.

      Explain the process of making a claim and what will be required of you.


      Common FAQs

      All You need to know about Personal Injury Compensation Claims

      Can a personal injury lawyer attend at my home address for an initial consultation about the claim?

      We are happy to attend at the home address of clients for an initial, no obligation consultation in relation to their claim.

      Is the first attendance in relation to my personal injury claim no obligation and free?

      Yes the first attendance is a free no-obligation consultation.

      What are Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury Law?

      A Queensland Law Society Accredited Specialist in personal injury law means that a solicitor has undertaken an extensive period of study and examination in the area of personal injury law and has passed this course and examination.

      Given the difficulty in passing the accreditation course, there are only a limited number of Accredited Specialists in Personal Injury Law in Queensland.

      What is a no win, no fee personal injury lawyer?

      A no win, no fee lawyer allows injured people to access compensation for the injuries they have sustained without having to pay legal fees or outlays until their claims have successfully resolved and they have received a damages pay out. This means we can run your claim with no upfront costs paid by you. We will only charge you on successful conclusion of your claim. If you do not receive a settlement award, we will not charge a fee or recoup our outlays.

      What types of injuries does East Coast Injury Lawyers deal with?

      We take on injured claimants who have sustained all types of injuries including neck, back, head, fractured arms, wrists, ankles, hands, whiplash injuries, psychological injuries, adjustment disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and many more injuries.

      What types of personal injury claims does the firm take on?

      East Coast Injury Lawyers takes on claims where individuals have been injured in or as a result of a Motor Vehicle Accidents, Car accidents, Road Accidents, Workplace Injuries, Workplace Compensation, Work Cover claims, TPD claims and Public Liability Accident claims i.e. slip and fall accidents.


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      Other Compensation Claim Services

      Office Injuries

      Administrative and support office staff are often assumed to be in a safe work environment compared to factory workers. However office injuries can result from unnecessary risks at your workplace.

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      Medical Negligence

      In the course of the profession of healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, therapists, service staff and medical support staff, they often expose themselves to a number of significant workplace risks.

      Slip & Fall Accidents

      Have you fallen in a shopping centre, tripped in a schoolyard or slipped in a private residence? If someone’s carelessness caused you to sustain an injury in a public or private place, you might be entitled to make a public liability claim for compensation.

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      Whiplash Compensation

      Whiplash is a type of spinal injury that affects the neck and is most commonly sustained in car accidents. It can lead to long-term discomfort and significant mobility loss, so it’s very important to seek compensation for whiplash enabling you to get the medical care you need.

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      Public Liability Claims

      If you’ve been injured in a public place, you might be able to claim compensation for your injuries and the effect they have had on your life.

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      TPD Claims

      A total and permanent disability claim entitles you to payment of a lump sum if you have suffered an injury or illness that prevents you from returning to work in the same capacity.

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      5 Ways to Lose Your Injury Compensation Claims

      We have outlined a simplified account as to some of the reasons you may either lose your injury compensation claim entirely, or why your compensation claim amount may be significantly reduced

      We strongly suggest discussing the circumstances of your injury with an accredited personal injury lawyer.

      Please contact one our accredited personal injury specialists for a free, initial consultation regarding the circumstances of your injury.


      1. You didn’t seek advice or access to a good lawyer

      Because you did not seek advice or access a good lawyer:

      • Your claim form was not submitted to the correct entity or person before the statutory limitation date expired (with no justifiable reason).
      • The entity or person you made a claim against, did not have a duty of care.
      • Particular processes, procedures, timelines were not adhered to. For example, a Statement of Claim was not submitted according to specific timelines and thus your right to make a claim was lost.
      • You settled your claim for a nominal sum, without first seeking adequate legal advices with respect to your rights and if you can claim for different heads of damages. Once a claim has been settled the Claimant cannot go back afterwards and ask for compensation for something that had not been taken into account.
      • There was a failure with respect to exhausting all enquiries with respect to liability, causation, and quantum.
      • There was a failure to enquire and obtain supporting evidence before legal negotiations commenced.
      2. Evidence

      Sufficient medical evidence was not obtained within the statutory expiration period. For example, a Claimant complained to their doctor of a sore back, neck and anxiety. Their doctor referred the Claimant to an orthopaedic surgeon for assessment of the Claimant’s back and neck however, the doctor failed to refer the Claimant to a psychologist or psychiatrist for assessment of their anxiety. If the Claimant had a good lawyer, the lawyer would ensure that the Claimant is reviewed by all appropriate medical experts in order to obtain admissible evidence of all injuries sustained as a result of the accident.

      There is no evidence that you injured yourself in the manner alleged nor is there evidence to support that you injured yourself on the date that you allege. For example, you failed to report your accident and/or all injuries to your employer or your doctor as soon as the accident happened or as soon as possible afterwards or not at all.

      3. Time

      You failed to seek legal advice or make a claim within the period of time that is specified in legislation applicable to the circumstances of your injury.

      4. Fraudulent / conflicting information

      Failing to provide to your lawyer full disclosure of information (including all skeletons in the closet, such as performing cash in hand work, previous injuries etc.) in a frank and timely manner could have a serious impact on your claim.

      Making a fraudulent claim or providing conflicting information is never a good idea.

      If you are found guilty of making a fraudulent claim, there are serious consequences such as possibly being charged up to $44,000.00 in fines or being imprisoned for up to 18 months.

      If it can be established that you provided conflicting information (innocently or not) this will bring into disrepute your character. Thus, when you make the claim that you feel pain and that you are suffering as a result, you will most likely be perceived as a liar and your claim for pain and suffering will be less than what it would have been if you had not provided conflicting information.

      Examples of making a fraudulent claim or providing conflicting information:

      Fraudulent claim number 1: You said that you hurt your back at work however; you injured your back playing football the day before. The insurers obtain evidence from either your doctor or from another football player that you had in fact hurt your back playing football.

      Fraudulent claim number 2: You were the driver of a vehicle involved in a motor vehicle accident. You were not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

      As a result of not wearing the seatbelt you were projected through the vehicle’s windscreen and landed on the bitumen. You sustained multiple injuries.

      You said to your lawyer and thus, to the CTP insurer, that you had your seatbelt on at the time of the accident. However, forensic evidence proves that you weren’t wearing your seatbelt.

      Fraudulent information / conflicting information ” You made a statement that you can’t lift more than 10 kg of weight because it hurts your back. You are then filmed participating in a cross-fit class, performing “Russian twists” with a 15 kg weight. Although this form of exercise has in fact improved the strength of your back (although it does, still hurt after the exercise) because you did not report this activity to your lawyer and thus, they did not disclose this fact to the insurer, and thus, your credibility is negatively impacted.

      Conflicting information: You reported to your doctor that you hurt your ankle at work by rolling it while walking across a plank. However when you later on describe how you injured your ankle to your physiotherapist, you state that you hurt your ankle at work by stepping into a pot hole. With regards to descriptions as to how the accident occurred, consistency is very important. If you are inconsistent in your account, doubt is created as to whether you did in fact injure yourself at all or in the way you described i.e. at work as opposed to at home.

      5. Volenti non fit injuria

      Volenti non fit injuria essentially means that the injured person was aware of the risk of injury and still, voluntarily, put themselves in the position of being injured. In other words, you were to blame for your injury.

      For example, just before you sustained your injury, your supervisor reminded you that as per company policy you should wear your safety glasses before grinding the piece of metal. You were aware of the risks of what may happen if you did not wear your safety glasses and voluntarily choose to disregard the company’s policy of wearing safety glasses when grinding metal.

      You waited for the Supervisor to leave the room, so that he could not see you not using safety glasses when using the metal grinder. You commence using the metal grinder. A metal shaving is then lodged in your eye and thus, you sustained an injury to your eye.